Get ANYTHING You Want In Life!


Get ANYTHING You Want In Life!

The nature of the universe, god, or whatever you may call it, is that it always duplicates our inner most thoughts.

The universal law can never say no to you, it always responds according to your thoughts.

So if you experience bad results in any department of your life it means that the universe has accepted bad or false beliefs about yourself, your life or your experiences.

Faith is the key here. The universe can only respond to any of your thoughts if faith is persisted.

Bad or good beliefs, they only will work for you if you have faith in the truth of them.

Building more faith for yourself means you will have to understand how faith works, it's that simple.

Faith works because it triggers an expecting response in you, which will make you manifest that whatever you have faith in.

This takes time though and that's why faith must be persisted at all times.

There are literally no limits to the amounts of money, health or other good things you can attract.

You can stay living from paycheck to paycheck or you can become incredibly rich, loved and healthy.

The choice is ALWAYS yours.




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Our 1st Power Traffic X Hangout Launch Review

What an awesome hangout we had tonight talking and going through Power Traffic X with you guys live. We really enjoyed doing this one tonight!

We absolutely know Power Traffic X is going to be the hottest product launch of 2014… the 2nd of a string of new products being launched by Empower Network during 2014.

We know this because this product was put together by the no. 1 earner in Empower Network and our millionaire mentor Vick Strizheus who is also known as the King of Internet Traffic!

So below is a brief summary of what we talked about live on the Power Traffic X Hangout:

The Power Traffic X product consists of 3 parts…

Part 1 is called the Capture Mastery where you will learn who to create landing pages yourself, what to put on them, what to say on them, what to do, what not to do and what converts etc.

But the best bit is you will have a tool that is brand new and has never been released to the public that allows you to create any sort of landing page by literally using drag and drop.

Part 2 is called Traffic Mastery which consists of 12 modules…

Module 1 is Media Traffic X which are strategies that the big boys are using to open the floodgates of residual traffic, so that once traffic starts it just keeps on coming. You can go on vacation and it will just keep on coming!

Module 2 is The OPL Method also known as Other Peoples Lists. This is a brand new thing that has never been released to the general public before but teaches you how to get other marketers to promote and send you traffic.

Module 3 is Traffic Agencies another brand new module that Vick has never released to anyone before where you will be shown how to get as little as 100 clicks or even 100,000 clicks in a day from real buyers.

Module 4 is Penny Traffic where you will be able to get traffic for as low as a penny per visitor! This module contains the very latest and freshest and the most up to date stuff ever seen.

Module 5 is PPC Traffic which will help you tap into some absolutely very awesome underground sources of PPC that you can tap into on demand.

Module 6 is Mobile Traffic which we all know is the biggest thing at the moment. We both work with mobile technology within the software industry so we know this thing is big!

Module 7 is Facebook Traffic X the most advanced material out there that’s usually reserved for the elite marketers only.

Module 8 is Social Media Traffic if you don’t have a lot of money then this is the module for you. You will be shown how to build from ground zero using the power of social media.

Module 9 is Video Traffic which will show you how to structure your video, what to talk about and what not to talk about and how to catch peoples attention.

Module 10 is CPA Traffic Secrets which will teach you how to leverage the power of CPA networks where you don’t have to pay per click, but where you actually pay for opt-ins only.

Module 11 is Traffic Amplifier where you will be shown how to turn one visitor into 10 without any extra work and without spending any extra money!

Module 12 is Traffic Intelligence which is about to uncover new fresh traffic sources and never depend on anybody for traffic again.

Part 3 is called Conversion Mastery where you will learn how to convert traffic into leads and then how to convert leads into sales.

Our Conclusion So Far

In a nutshell that this product Power Traffic X is shaping up to be the most rounded, most comprehensive, most up-to-date, most advanced yet simple to follow traffic system ever seen by the internet marketing community.


If you are not already a member of Empower Network then you will need to join so that you can purchase this awesome Power Traffic X product.


Once you have joined our team The Covert Formula within the Empower Network click the link below to see our very special Power Traffic X Bonuses:





High Ticket Academy

Selling High Ticket Items


✔ Fed up of $25 sales?

✔ Fed up of low commissions?

✔ Fed up of copy and paste marketing with $5 profit each time?

✔ Want to know how to position yourself for high value sales?


David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network introduces you to the brand new Empower Network product release of the “High Ticket Academy” with other top leaders from the Empower Network.

This amazing panel share their personal struggles and challenges in making the steps required to create financial freedom and independence from the chains of their 9 to 5 J.O.B.

David Wood also shares the successes of Empower through 2013 and his vision for 2014 and beyond. He states his intent to create 100 new millionaires every year and David has the passion and commitment to make that happen.


Tony Rush describes how learning to promote “High Ticket Items” helped him accelerate his sales and momentum in the Empower Network to a create high level residual income. With the Product Training and marketing strategies from the Empower Network, he describes how marketing “High Ticket Academy Commissions” can transform your business!

Tony was a former Real-estate agent who learnt from fellow colleagues that it was no more difficult to sell a 1 Million dollar home than it was to sell a $100,000 home. Tony’s story is compelling, and he shares nuggets of information that describe how to duplicate and multiply these strategies for continued growth in any business.


Shannon Tice Lavonia shares the secrets in learning how to promote “High Ticket Items” to accelerate sales and to build high level residual income and momentum in the Empower Network.

After facing major personal challenges – and making some important life changing decisions with her husband, Shannon transformed her life by learning how to make multiple times her previous income.


Chris Record describes his personal paradigm shift from being in a well-paid J.O.B to learning the secrets to unleash the “Power within all of us” to create untold levels of financial success if we are willing to take action and fulfill the essential steps to reach our personal goals!

Chris tells of going through countless ups and downs in his sales business, and after reaching a low point in 2006, he was about to be evicted from his home, and had suffered whiplash from a car accident. He was virtually broke and down to his last few dollars, when a friend shared some information that could potentially turn his life and fortune around!

His friend told him of the potential income that could be earned in the real-estate business and by selling big ticket homes! The problem Chris had – was that to “get started” the cost was countless times more than he could afford – but he was determined to succeed, so took action to do everything in his power to change his life, and listen to rest of his compelling story here!


Aaron Rashkin had come from a Network Marketing background and was a business entrepreneur running his own fitness and personal trainer business. After struggling to promote his own business and also making around $5 dollar commissions with Network marketing he discovered it was really hard work to make very little money and he had been doing that for nearly 5 years – time to take action!

After making the decision that he was standing still in his business and that things needed to change he made the decision to invest in himself and his education. Then in 2008 Aaron by learning exactly how to communicate and sharing strategies with six figure earners in the Network Marketing Industry, he started selling “High Ticket Items” and has never looked back.


Tracey Walker shares her personal journey within the Empower Network and the advantage in owning the “High Ticket Academy” training product that teaches you how to double or quadruple your income potential if you are willing to take action to create the future of your dreams.

Tracey left the work force to be her own boss only to make buckets of money in the housing industry before the housing bubble burst. Then she had nothing and had to start over from scratch. But she took action! She took her marketing background and her stubborn fortitude and forged onward.

Tracey explains how she took her high ticket strategy in the housing sector and applied it to the network marketing sector. She discovered how she could not only create a great residual income but also get great one off high ticket sales too.

With Empower Network she was able to build a residual income but also had access to a range of higher ticket products too and with the launch of the High Ticket Academy product it now puts those skills that Tracey and the other panelist’s use into the hands of everyone who chooses to take action and educate themselves with this essential must have product.

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